What You Should Do If Your .Com Domain is Taken

A .com domain is the best domain for a business. Many online users are used to typing the .com extension when they are searching for websites. Hence you get an edge when you purchase a domain that has the .com extension. A .com extension also performs well in the search results for businesses. Unless you can coin a unique idea for your website, probably, the name you are thinking of for your website is probably taken. That’s the reality with over a billion websites out there, the competition for the .com domains is too high. If your .com domain is taken, does it mean it’s the end of your dream of owning an e-commerce website? Not at all, there are other excellent domain extensions that you can use and achieve success in your online business.

Here’s’ what you can do

• If your site does not receive lots of direct type-in traffic, you can choose any other available domain

You can choose to use a different domain extension more so if most of your traffic isn’t direct type-in. Referral traffic from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will arrive at your site as long as there are links on your blogs on the platforms. People who find your articles on social media will go on to click and come to your site without necessarily typing in your domain address and so other domain extensions can work perfectly for traffic originating from such sources. But if you already have a domain name in mind, we recommend you to first check domain availability to see if it is already taken. 

Other domain extensions that you use include

• org – excellent for non-profits and organizations
• .info – works well for information sites
• .net – great for technical sites as well as internet infrastructure sites
• .biz – excellent for e-commerce and commercial sites
• .co – works well with the company, commerce sites as well as with community
• .me- excellent for personal blogs and resumes
• . photography – great for photography websites

You can opt for new top-level domains(TLDs)

Instead of abandoning your dream of starting an online business, you can instead turn to top-level domains such as .agency, .online, .jobs, .lawyer, .flowers, .plumber, .wedding and many other available TLDs. In fact, small businesses that want to stand out by using keyword rich URLs can result in the TLDs. The advantage of branded top-level domains is that they are likely to rank in the search engines. Country Code TLDs have lots of benefits which include:

• They are excellent at targeting traffic from specific areas. For instance, if you use .co.uk, you can target traffic from the UK as opposed to other countries. A .ca will target traffic from Canada and so on. ccTLDs are excellent for targeting traffic from your country, and thus they are good for SEO because your search results will appear for the people in the country that you’ve targeted. That way, you not only appear in local search results, but you get relevant traffic that is likely to convert. • ccTLDs instill the buyer confidence since the buyers know that the website is local and so they can buy from you. Many people still prefer transacting with businesses in their regions, and in their languages. They also believe that the business understands their culture and values. And the truth is that many people want to support one of their own and so they will probably have a liking for your brand.

Buy similar domain names

After you have gotten your desired domain name, you should buy all similar domains to avoid squatters. This is people who wait until you have worked hard to build a brand for them to come and buy a similar domain so that they can benefit from your brand.


Now you know that even if the .com choice of your domain name is already taken, it should not be the end for you. You can try other available options that we explained in this article.

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