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Here Are 4 Interesting Facts about Domain Name System

Is the website part of your source of income? If so, you need to understand the importance of its loading speed. A slow loading site will suffer from low traffic; lower rankings as well as less income. And because the goal of every online retailer is to expand their businesses, you need to ensure that you enhance the customers’ experience. A DNS will help you with this. It will boost your site’s speed by quickly translating the domain name into the IP address. Let’s have a clear view of 4 interesting facts about the DNS:

Domain name system will improve the loading speed of your website

The loading speed of your site plays a crucial role in the success of your online business.A website that loads slowly can disappoint the customers and can negatively affect your business. A speedy site can enhance ranking as well as increase the conversion rate. Do you have a goal of increasing sales? If yes, you need to work on the speed. A reliable DNS will boost your website’s speed. For instance, Google DNS uses global coverage to give a fast domain resolution.

DNS provides extra protection

Security threats are increasing each day. The hackers spend most of their time on the internet looking for ways to access sensitive business information. Thus, with the right DNS server, you will effectively run a successful business without encountering losses. OpenDNS has a high level of security. It is It plays a role in determining any phishing activities and blocks any traffic for malicious sites.

DNS can enhance the customers’ experience

In modern technology, people don’t love spending much effort to perform a specific task. They love it when everything is automatic. In this essence, if there were no the DNS people would have to memorize the numbers. With this, no customer would love to shop online. However, customers only have to remember the domain name which the server will translate into the IP address.

The DNS servers have different features and provide distinct services

Many retailers make a mistake of selecting a DNS server that has fewer features. They believe that all the servers are the same and will offer quality services. But the fact is, each DNS server, has its features that will enhance the functionality of your e-commerce website. Thus, you need to choose one that will improve the security and boost the loading speed of your site. You need to consider features but not the pricing. There are those free servers that will offer advanced features. Also, other costly servers are reliable while others are not.